The romance between Italian men and women is known for passion and sensuality



CAPASSO lands right in the heart of the bustling business district of Singapore, and adds a charm of its own to the mix. Challenging the stigma that whiskies are predominantly for men, CAPASSO aims to provide an equal space for women whisky drinkers to imbibe. To match its storied collection of wines, whiskies and special cocktails, the menu features bold takes on traditional Italian dishes. The designer outfit by Greymatters is segmented by blue velvet curtains to offer a split personality of a beautiful open kitchen restaurant and a lush wine and whiskey lounge. For guests that prefer an even more intimate setting, CAPASSO has installed a private dining room and another VIP whisky and wine room for its discerning clientele.

CAPASSO is a place inspired by life’s journeys, created for the modern men and women who like to gather and share their favorite bottles and food with their associates, clients, and friends. The food is meticulously designed with the freshest ingredients curated by the culinary team. The founders, after having had countless corporate lunches, business meetings, and networking events, have come to envision a space that seamlessly caters for all of the above, while offering a truly interesting collection of whiskies and wines. “We hope to provide a food haven within a sanctuary and a space for forging new connections among those who appreciate collectibles and produce-driven cuisine. As diners step into the space that we have built from scratch, we want them to feel at home, yet with an exciting touch,” shares the founders.


A celebration of Chef Fernando Arévalo’s passion for food and culinary journey, Capasso invites you to embark on a gastronomic adventure that will intrigue your senses. Experience a journey born through Fernando’s meticulously crafted blend of serving traditional food from the heart that sticks close to his heritage while challenging culinary conventions.


Discover Capasso’s exclusive cigar lounge, a haven for cigar aficionados who appreciate the elegance and allure of women. Step into our luxurious space, meticulously designed for refined experiences, where you can savor the world’s finest cigars and indulge in exceptional libations. Our curated selection of cigars and spirits, accompanied by impeccable service, ensures an unforgettable journey for every guest.